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PAASL Evening Session #48 (full)

  Mayfield NorthMayfield South   Mayfield NorthMayfield South   Mayfield NorthMayfield SouthEl Camino Real Park
 08:30 PM08:30 PM 08:30 PM08:30 PM 08:30 PM08:30 PM08:30 PM
7/25 EB3-EB5 E5-E3 7/26 E2-E6 EB6-EB4 7/27 E7-E1 E8-E4 EB1-EB2
8/1 EB6-EB2 E1-E2 8/2 E8-E5 EB5-EB4 8/3 E3-E7 E6-E4 EB3-EB1
8/8 EB6-EB1 E6-E8 8/9 E4-E1 EB5-EB2 8/10 E2-E3 E7-E5 EB3-EB4
8/15 EB4-EB2 E4-E5 8/16 E6-E3 EB1-EB5 8/17 E1-E8 E2-E7 EB6-EB3
8/22 EB1-EB4 E4-E7 8/23 E2-E8 EB3-EB2 8/24 E6-E5 E1-E3 EB6-EB5
8/29 EB5-EB3 E4-E3 8/30 E7-E8 EB4-EB6 8/31 E2-E5 E6-E1 EB2-EB1
9/5 EB4-EB5 E7-E6 9/6 E2-E4 EB1-EB3 9/7 E5-E1 E8-E3 EB2-EB6
9/12 EB2-EB5 E1-E7 9/13 E3-E5 EB1-EB6 9/14 E4-E8 E6-E2 EB4-EB3
9/19 EB3-EB6 E5-E8 9/20 E7-E3 EB5-EB1 9/21 E2-E1 E4-E6 EB2-EB4
9/26 EB4-EB1 E3-E2 9/27 E1-E4 EB2-EB3 9/28 E8-E6 E5-E7 EB5-EB6

  • Team listed FIRST is "home" and wears GREEN shirt.
  • Required uniform is official PAASL shirt.
  • Shin guards are required and must be covered by socks.
  • Only registered players with a valid player pass may play.
  • Games at El Camino Park are played rain or dry.
  • Games at Mayfield are played rain or dry.